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“Since 2014, BearTooth Collective has grown into a musical & visual arts community with multiple artists of varying styles and mediums, hailing from different countries, cultures, and even from other record labels & art collectives we affiliate with.

The ideals of the Collective revolve around providing artists & creatives with as much support, and agency in the kind of support they’re asking for, as possible.

A D.I.Y. mind-frame is involved in every aspect of our actions.
Think of us as a Library, a Community, and resource-center.
We've assisted artists with things such as:

Recording/Producing/Performing/Marketing music, Booking shows/Gallery Events/Tours, Digitally-based Graphic/Logo/Poster design, Digital Distribution Techniques, & more! 

If you need it, and can’t do it yourself or simply need a helping hand, we want to help.
If we can’t help directly, we  try to at least recommend someone who can.

BearTooth Collective
 in its current form is not a "record label" in the traditional sense;

While individual creatives who are apart of the Collective are free to set their own prices for their creative endeavors, the Collective itself doesn't either ask for a cut nor hand-out advances to release any body of works from any artist expecting for the money to be repaid (opting instead to either accept donations or crowdfund), and any/all profits made from the artists goes directly to them.


Any non-affiliated artist(s) (meaning, people who are not officially members of the Collective) may pay/donate for services/assistance (assuming it's not offered for free), however the payment requested by Us cannot and will not exceed the amount required to actually finish the project.
If you wish, for example, to have the Collective make cassette tapes in-house for you, you would only pay for the cost of the materials.

Any profits allocated by the Collective from the Artist(s) beyond that point are considered donations & are pooled together to assist in funding future member-specific projects.

Creatives who are apart of the BearTooth Collective Bandcamp site retain all the rights of control & royalties involved with all their music, and are simply encouraged to use BearTooth Collective as a platform to share their own creations.
We hope to be able to share as much creativity as possible!
Visual art, video games, music, animations, sculptures, paintings, dance, films, fashion.
Anything and everything the wonderful people of this world can create.

Our goal is to uplift every creative spirit, to inspire community, & to connect Artists together.”
-Matthew Dass

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