“Since 2010, BearTooth Collective has grown into an visual arts community with multiple artists of varying styles and mediums, and hosts its own record label (BearTooth Tapes), which explores experimental, electronic, jazz, hip hop, progressive rock & psychedelic music.

The ideals of the Collective revolve around providing artists & creatives with as much support & agency in the kind of support they’re asking for as possible, with a DIY mind-frame involved.
Think of us as a library for your craft, an “open-source” record label;
If you need it, and can’t do it yourself or simply need a helping hand, we want to help.
If we can’t, we can try to at least point you in the right direction.
Want to make cassettes for your album? We can do it, but we also know a guy who can help!
Need promotion for a show? Find us on facebook, or send us an email (beartoothcollective@gmail.com) and we’ll promote it for you!

Our Facebook page is constantly updating with news, events, DIY shows, shared album releases and new artwork from people around the world all day, every day! 
We try to share as many creative people as possible!

BearTooth Tapes, as a record label, attempts to work as non-profit as possible; while individual creatives who are apart of the Collective are free to set their own prices for their creative endeavors, BearTooth Tapes doesn’t ask for payment to release any body of works from any artist.
Musicians & Producers who are apart of the BearTooth Tapes’ Bandcamp site retain all the rights & royalties involved with all their music, and are simply encouraged to use BearTooth Tapes as a platform to share their own creations, and maybe find something interesting by someone else in the process.
We hope to be able to share as much creativity as possible!
Visual art, video games, music, animations, sculptures, paintings, dances, films, fashion.
Anything and everything the wonderful people of this world can create.

Our goal is to uplift every creative spirit, to inspire, & to connect each other together.”
-Matthew Dass